"A Coach of the Highest Calibre"

“I was advised to find a coach who eats, sleeps and breathes ADHD. Duncan certainly does! With a passion and understanding that inspires…”


“The world is not short of successful ADHD individuals, we are the risk takers that ensures the human race evolves.”

My name is Duncan Bagshaw and I am an ADHD Coaching Professional with extensive experience in Education and Professional Sport. I have played and coached golf professionally including time on the European Tour. Within education I have coached and run countless cricket and rugby teams, my main roles in education have included, Head of Boarding, Deputy Head of Boarding and Safeguarding Lead, I have advised and written Safeguarding and Inclusion policies for several National Sports Governing Bodies including England Golf.

More recently my work has involved coaching late diagnosis individuals and their families on how to improve the quality of their lives with ADHD by creating an environment that helps them understand their condition and unlock their potential.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my early 40’s and have a combined diagnosis of ADHD which means I have complete empathy and understanding of the issues, obstacles and confusion the condition can present.

Outside of coaching I am a self-confessed history nerd and owner of the worlds dumbest Labrador…




Holisitic Coaching Techniques

Coaching Philosophy

By applying the holistic principles I have learnt from Coaching, Sport and Education I have created an environment that plays to my strengths and helps me lead a balanced and happy life.

My coaching philosophy has always been to work with an individual to understand how they operate, identify their own specific strengths and weaknesses and how to apply that to their individual game, goal or objective.

 Key Elements to this philosophy are:


Identifying a clear vision and understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

An honest assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

Being able to adapt and fix problems when things go wrong.

“When things go wrong, strip it back to the basics,”


Get in touch.

The first step is to drop me a line and discuss your requirements. If I  can help I will, if I can’t then I will probably know someone who can!


The first consultation is free and is possibly the most important part of the process, the relationship between client and coach is crucial so understanding of your unique situation is essential. 

Coaching & Pricing 

There is no set pricing structure as everyone’s situation is different. There are a myriad of options to explore to make things work depending on your situation. I can advise on Access to Work and other sources of funding.

That said I don’t work for free as I have to eat and feed 2 dogs…A good guide for my services is £40-50 per hour.


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